What is Lapidarium?

is a place (a city square,
a castle courtyard, a patio in a museum)
containing a collection of stones, pieces of sculpture
and fragments of buildings — here a bit of a torso or a hand,
there a piece of a cornice or a column, in a word, parts of a nonexistent
(already, still, ever) whole and posing the problem of what to do with them.
Maybe they will remain as testimony of the past, as a trace of trials, as signs? Or maybe in our world, already so grown out, so enormous, and also ever more chaotic and difficult to grasp, to order, everything moves toward a great collage, toward a loose collection of fragments, and so — toward lapidarium?"
Ryszard Kapuściński

With this beautiful introduction by my favorite author, I'm happy to introduce a different part of this site, that is neither an article about the US, nor an "insightful, thought through" blog post... It's pieces, parts, fragments, collections of thoughts, reflexions, and notes that come up into my mind and demand to be written down, so they're preserved and so they can be visited... They might be a testimony of the past, a hope or concern about the future, or an observation of the present: small parts detached from their whole. I didn't know what do to with them, so I decided to create a Lapidarium, so they have a place to live, and so they create a collage of me :-)