If It Ain't Spring, Then I Don't Know What It Is....

Even the animals know, and the plants are the ones telling us: the spring is in the air, and the only thing we need to do is to get ready for it! The light is changing its tones, the days are getting significantly longer, and all the life that is coming back to life is simply exploding uncontrollably! Plum trees are in full bloom, New Zealand tea trees covered in white, pink and burgundy flowers, the daffodils are lining the roads with their happy yellow or white faces, and of course, the snowflakes!

February Full Snow Moon

February, being the coldest month of the year with the most amounts of snow, gets a Snow Full Moon. Too bad we haven't experienced any here! The moon was beautiful, peeking from behind the clouds, rising above the trees. Dreamy and reflective....

Castle Rock Hike

On the first day of February I happened to be in the Walnut Creek area, so I went for a hike to the Castle Rock Regional Recreation Area. I was with two friends, and one of them knew the trails, so we started the climb on this beautiful, clear and warm Saturday afternoon.

It was really steep; at times we had to pretty much rock climb, but the views on the way, and eventually conquering the summit paid off all the sweat and tears.

A January Day in Napa

We set out for a wine tasting day in Napa. It was the end of January, but it might have as well been April or May: the sun was warm and extremely pleasant, the blueness of the sky intense, and only the bare trees and empty vineyards indicated that it was indeed, still winter.