December 2013


Christmas tree with some very special decorations (that came from Poland, from my parents and grandparents). And Christmas cookies -- don't get fooled by the apparent Easter theme, these were dog biscuits that I made for Juno in an attempt to teach her that only bunnies in a cookie form are allowed to be consumed (and/or chased!).

Winter Solstice

It doesn't get much better than welcoming the Winter Solstice at the beach with two of my favorite persons/creatures on Earth. Also, celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary. What a magical day!

I've never had a lot of tolerance for cold (mainly because the winters in Poland are harsh and unforgiving), but since moving to first Nice, and then California, I have totally changed my outlook on this infamous season and, I think, tried to do her justice.

Playing In December Sun

Juno and Charlie played together (they sure invited me to come along. I decided to do more human stuff), and I was taking pictures of them, and the beautiful nature on this sunny day.... Sometimes I wonder, what would I be doing, had I not been transplanted to California.... Would I still be in Nice, or Poland? Instead, I'm in this wonderful part of the world, living the life.... Yes, I do miss Europe, very much so!

One frosty morning....

I thought frost was a special and unique occurrence in California. I thought it was going to be extremely rare and needed to be photographed. So I got up exceptionally early (in my book) one day to capture the beauty that was created thanks to this frozen weather event. I was not disappointed.... Juno came along (excited more than usually to be up early for a stroll), posed for a few shots and lead me to explore just a little more....