Winter Solstice

It doesn't get much better than welcoming the Winter Solstice at the beach with two of my favorite persons/creatures on Earth. Also, celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary. What a magical day!

I've never had a lot of tolerance for cold (mainly because the winters in Poland are harsh and unforgiving), but since moving to first Nice, and then California, I have totally changed my outlook on this infamous season and, I think, tried to do her justice.

Today's run in Shiloh park was super challenging! We did 8 miles, the trail went up and down (as did my morale on those steep hills), but we made it! Next week we're heading to Shell Beach and we'll add another mile or two, but we'll get to run with this view I hope to make lots of trips to the ocean in 2014! One more sunset from the winter solstice.... Because I almost went to the beach again today.... I've been busy partaking in the airing of grievances and the feats of strength (because Festivus, for the rest of us ), and also making gingerbread cookies and other Christmas goodies yesterday, so here's another latergram from the winter solstice beach Some more from yesterday.... The sunsets at the ocean, no matter how over-photographed they are, are are really beautiful! Such a great day with these two! It's always a treat to go to the ocean, and today was magical on winter solstice and our 4th anniversary.... Life is beautiful!!!!

I love celebrating the seasons, the changes that the Earth is going through throughout the year. Winter Solstice seemed like a perfect day to get married, and we've been happily double-celebrating this day ever since.