A January Day in Napa

We set out for a wine tasting day in Napa. It was the end of January, but it might have as well been April or May: the sun was warm and extremely pleasant, the blueness of the sky intense, and only the bare trees and empty vineyards indicated that it was indeed, still winter.

After trying to decide which winery to pick (and it is an-almost-impossible task), we decided to stop at a place we've been to before (a safe choice!), but that always impresses us and virtually anybody who ever sets their feet on it. It is called Castello di Amorosa. The pictures speak for themselves.... (sorry, no princesses or knights spotted!)

Castello Di Amorosa in Napa. A Tuscan castle in the middle of the American wine country. The entrance to the castle. Looks very fairy-taleish! I was, yet again, impressed and enamored! Beautiful castle in a beautiful setting! Highly majestic views Back in Napa.... Inviting.... A pastoral existence.... For a moment you think you're in Tuscany, and you envision the tasty wine and delicious meals that you're about to have.... And then you look around and it's Napa -- but that's also exactly what happens! #castellodiamorosa

At the Castello, we noticed a huge white building on the other side of the hill. After a short inquiry, it turned out it was another winery (Greek style, thus the white style architecture). Intrigued, we decided to give it a try as well. Spontaneity FTW! If you don't have a plan, you have to make one as you go -- so we did!

It was an adventure that we did not expect. We took cable cars/aerial tram to the top of the hill where the winery is situated to take the wine tour. We were greeted by a glass of white wine, and the first glimpse of the beautiful views that seemed to get better and better as we moved along.

On this dark and rainy day, when no light and shadow play is remarkable enough (or possible), a memory from a beautiful spring day last week, and a visit to the Sterling winery. We took a cable car up to do our wine tasting tour. What a trip! Spectacular views from the winery. It was well worth taking the cable car to experience this! This is also where the wine tour begins.... An interesting piece of architecture lit by the sunlight and painted with shadows.... We move along to the next tasting spot Capturing the moment. Framing the sky. Chasing the light. Drinking wine The tour continues.... An impressively massive stack of oak wine barrels The top terrace and the destination of our tour. Needless to say, the views were breathtaking! Especially with a glass of wine in one's hand The illusory symmetry broken by lights and shadows. And the clouds A dreamy view at the valley.... #bluronpurpose An accidental shadow selfie 2014-01-25 12.15.21 1 2014-02-07 11.42.20 1 A perfect setting for a glass of wine, or two, or.... White on blue. Minimalism. Although the rain is exactly what we need now (and we're getting hella rain today), blue is probably my favorite color (although I wouldn't mind if it snowed either) 2014-01-28 10.07.30 1 2014-01-28 10.07.55 1 Last picture in the Napa series. The end of the tour, and this beautiful day. Napa, it was so lovely! Cin cin!  #napa #winery #sterling #vineyards #terrace #sky #clouds #hills #architecture #view #winecountry #winetasting #tour #sterlingvineyards #winter 2014-01-29 04.15.45 2