January Full Wolf Moon

This is what the Full Wolf Moon was like in January. The only part missing is the howling wolves, but I suppose I can pass on these.... The moonrise over the hills is always like a sweet little surprise. The big body rises seemingly effortlessly, and shines with an ever brighter strength the higher it gets on its route, finally reaching its journey and illumination's zenith.

Minimalist Nature Part II

Reading Still Life with Woodpecker changed the way I look and feel about the moon.... Such a wonderful creation eternally attracted to our beautiful planet! I've been so enjoying watching it waxing and waining, and going through the cycles....


Christmas tree with some very special decorations (that came from Poland, from my parents and grandparents). And Christmas cookies -- don't get fooled by the apparent Easter theme, these were dog biscuits that I made for Juno in an attempt to teach her that only bunnies in a cookie form are allowed to be consumed (and/or chased!).

Winter Solstice

It doesn't get much better than welcoming the Winter Solstice at the beach with two of my favorite persons/creatures on Earth. Also, celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary. What a magical day!

I've never had a lot of tolerance for cold (mainly because the winters in Poland are harsh and unforgiving), but since moving to first Nice, and then California, I have totally changed my outlook on this infamous season and, I think, tried to do her justice.

Playing In December Sun

Juno and Charlie played together (they sure invited me to come along. I decided to do more human stuff), and I was taking pictures of them, and the beautiful nature on this sunny day.... Sometimes I wonder, what would I be doing, had I not been transplanted to California.... Would I still be in Nice, or Poland? Instead, I'm in this wonderful part of the world, living the life.... Yes, I do miss Europe, very much so!

One frosty morning....

I thought frost was a special and unique occurrence in California. I thought it was going to be extremely rare and needed to be photographed. So I got up exceptionally early (in my book) one day to capture the beauty that was created thanks to this frozen weather event. I was not disappointed.... Juno came along (excited more than usually to be up early for a stroll), posed for a few shots and lead me to explore just a little more....

Walking With My Mom, Poland

If there is one thing my recent stay in Poland was full of, which I am deeply grateful for, it would be all the walks that I took with my mom. We walked in the area where my parents live, we hiked in the nearby mountains, and we just stepped out of the house for a casual mid-week stroll. This one was one of them. It was a beautiful, warmish fall day. The light was golden, as the sun was getting ready to set. and the view of the city was heart-warming. This is where I come from.